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We create websites that you can update any time any where. As your business evolves it is essential that your website reflects those changes.

content management systems

We'll guide you through the process and make sure you get the most out of your website.

And we'll be there to make sure it keeps on working for you.




A CMS website (or content management system) lets you add and modify text, images, pages and links via a very easy to use online dashboard.
Once you’re securely logged into your own CMS you can also check your visitor stats, adjust SEO, add video, Flash and YouTube links very easily.


We can also add a fully functional shopping cart component to your website so that you can sell you products or services online. This will set up using your preferred payment process method.

Using the CMS you can update and alter your stock list yourself when ever convenient.







Want to start simple then add more sophisticated functionality later? No problem! Your CMS is fully scalable (future-proof) and designed to evolve with the Web.


A fantastic range of add-ons allows you to enhance your CMS website with newsfeeds, blogs, html email (mailshot) managers, customisable forms, video, podcasts, e-commerce and social media functionality, online surveys (polls), forums and much much more.

To discuss how Scarlett Design can help with your online strategy, please get in touch.

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